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Press Release March 7 2018

At last, we can all have our privacy back! Sometimes, you just want to talk. Not with your friend, not with family, just a total stranger. With a total stranger, you can talk without having to worry about whether your words could be used against you. You can share personal stuff and get advices.

The problem is, the stranger might not forget. Your details and chat history are there to point to everything you’d discussed in the past. The digital footprints of your secret conversations are not so secret and safe at the end of the day, or are they?

Now, they are!

Enter ChitChat!
This simple, no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point chat system is designed with one main goal in mind. Users must be able to chat without revealing or leaving behind any personal details. You don’t even have to register. A screen name is just all you need, and you are good to go!

What this means is you can safely ask any question without feeling like a dumbo, you can share any personal story with a stranger and get real human advices without feeling like the whole world is peeping at you as you are having your private time in your bathroom – not so private, after all.

One of the beautiful things about ChitChat is its focus on simplicity. It is simple and lightweight. It can be accessed from any device, provided that device has access to the internet. No matter whether you are on your phone, tablet, PC, you can use this system.

And you don’t have to rack your brain and guess which password you used out of the 27 you’ve used so far online. I mean, it’s a chat. It’s supposed to be simple and stress-free. The developers at ChitChat nailed this to the T.

Because of its focus on simplicity, this chat system has eliminated any form of bugginess. Unlike many other chat systems, this one won’t force you to hit your head against the wall in frustration. It is pure native chat system without the headache.

With ChitChat, all the control is put back in your hands. You can choose whether all you want is to have a quick casual chat or maybe you want to connect with single men and women all around the world.

While you don’t have to go through the rigor of setting up an account and going back into your email to verify, that doesn’t rob you of a little personality, if you so desire. Beyond typing a screen name, you can choose to set your gender, age, country and sexuality. All these take less than 10 seconds. It’s just incredibly easy!

By the way, the simple details also help you with one more thing. It increases your reputation points. In every lobby, the top 200 people with the highest reputation level will be shown will be listed. For just less than 10 seconds, you could shoot yourself up the table, or you can decline to share, and just enjoy at your own rate.

Where is the navigation bar? It has been safely tucked away to minimize any form of distraction. I told you it was built with simplicity in mind. To bring the navigation back up, all you have to do is hover on the logo. There you go!

This is what a simple chat system should look like. So simple, you can even ask simple questions from P.H.I.L.I.P, the chat system A.I. Obviously, Philip is your friend. He just can’t date you. To do that, chat with other users like you, and you just might strike up a conversation with an angel.


Letter From the developer February 19 2018

Chat with strangers, meet women and men from around the world with this world class chat site designd to work with mobile and tablet devices no matter if they are Apple or android devices . All you need is the internet and every function of this site will be avalible no need to download an app, no need for registration this chat site is a worry free hassle free application accessable from any internet capabel device.

This chat site is safe and secure with all messages deleted when you log out, all images deleted and every interaction you have had will be deleted, no one you spoke to can reopen your chats or look in to any chat history.

There is no limits what you want to talk about here, where you want to know how to buy bitcoin or how to make a fidget spinner - we ask that people dont use this for illigal activity, we ask all users to responsible for all actions - we hold your anonymity in the highest value and have made sure that we have taken every step to make sure your privacy is protected. We only log info we need to for functions of the website and all data is deleted when you log out. At no time do we give your information to any other 3rd party.

Letter from the developer January 22 2018

The Philip-Chat system, where you can chat to your hearts content with out need of registering or creating a complex profile set your screen name and get chatting!!
there is 2 types of chats on this site first you have traditinal rooms these can get quite fast paced when a lot of people are using them the second is peer to peer chat, this is more common today you look for a user you want to chat to and say hello.
PHILIP is a AI and is programed to find fake, misleading and abusive users he does not narrow people down with traditinal IP tracking but uses a array of methods to catch undesirables and punish them, to help PHILIP use the fame system if you like the person you are talking to then hit the thumbs up, if you find them abusive hit the thumbs down if you believe they are fake then hit the big flag button so PHILIP can do his job.


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